Breastfeeding Support: What is an IBCLC and How do I Find One?

I get messaged frequently with breastfeeding questions.  With the amount of research I did in the first year and the amount of questions I asked of Moms with much more experience than I, I have acquired a lot of knowledge about breastfeeding.  However, an experienced Mom does not replace the necessity and value of help from professionals.

Most Moms call or schedule an appointment with their pediatrician if they are having breastfeeding problems.  Or, at an appointment, the pediatrician will say, “your baby isn’t gaining enough weight,” and naturally Mom says, “what do I do to fix that?”

Unfortunately, pediatricians are not trained, educated, or specialized in breastfeeding as a part of their schooling to become a pediatrician.  Of course, there are exceptions to the rule…pediatricians who have gone above the “call of duty” and taken classes or become an LC or CLC.  But none of that compares to the extensive training and knowledge that an IBCLC has.  That is why whenever a Mom is having trouble, feeling like she’s not enough, or about to quit, I strongly urge them to see an IBCLC instead.

What is an IBCLC?

An IBCLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  They are by far the true experts in breastfeeding.  There are currently 28, 105 IBCLC’s around the world, 15,144 of those in the United States alone.  “Certification is recognition that an individual has met eligibility requirements and has passed a rigorous exam that assesses knowledge in breastfeeding management.” (Source)  I have a friend who is at this moment a couple days away from her exam.  She has been studying regularly and taking practice exams for it for many months even though she has been involved in breastfeeding education for years.

What does an IBCLC do differently from a Pediatrician?

An IBCLC is trained to be able to accurately determine the source of your problems and struggles with breastfeeding your child.  There are some really cool things they know how to do that are all evidence based care.  They know how to determine exactly how much baby is getting in a feed, how to assess for suck strength and coordination, how to listen to hear how much milk is being transferred on sucks, how to assess for lip and tongue ties accurately (it’s much more than a glance in their mouth), how to troubleshoot babies who have a hard time latching, how to truly determine a low supply issue, how to help Moms keep their babies on breastmilk even if Mom truly does have a supply issue, and so much more.

It took a ton of demanding and a hospital transfer to get an IBCLC in the NICU with my babies and I.  The experience with the LC at the first hospital compared to the IBCLC in the second hospital was an immediate and obvious sign of the difference in education for me.  The LC at the hospital came into my room with no babies in it, asked me what problems I was having, and without accompanying me to the NICU to troubleshoot those problems handed me one (not two) breast shields and said, “here, use this.  But I wouldn’t get your hopes up.  They’re in the NICU and you probably won’t make it breastfeeding.”  And left.

When we transferred to a new hospital, I demanded to immediately see an IBCLC.  The IBCLC was basically waiting in the girls isolation room when we arrived.  Within 10 minutes she had me successfully tandem nursing BOTH babies.  Granted, we did end up using those shields because of flat/semi inverted nipples combined with lip/tongue ties…but they were latched…for the first time in their lives….with just 10 minutes of help from an IBCLC.

The next IBCLC I saw was actually a part of the WIC program.  Not every WIC program office has an IBCLC on staff.  But I specifically drove to that office to see her because I needed the expert guidance.  She assessed both girls for ties, watched me latch and feed the girls with the shield, watched me attempt to latch without the shield, helped me with positioning, encouraged me that I was doing a great job, wrote a recommendation that the girls be assessed for ties by a pediatric ENT, did weighted feeds to get an idea of how much the girls were taking in each feed, and gave me hope that one day it wouldn’t be so hard.

We saw her one additional time for another weighted feed (I believe after the ties were cut but I’m not positive…everything is so foggy back then) and to meet my husband and have him ask questions on how to support me with breastfeeding.  She also reassessed latch and positioning.

The only thing my pediatrician did for breastfeeding was argue with me that the girls didn’t have lip or tongue ties (they did), roll her eyes when I said I wanted to feed them both exclusively at the breast, and reprimand me for not knowing exactly how many nursing sessions they had or how many diapers they had (plenty and plenty).  The doctors at the NICU were the same and actually fed formula even though I specifically told them they weren’t allowed to because they believed formula was superior to breastmilk.

How do I find an IBCLC?

KellyMom does a great job at giving a wide variety of resources in this article.  My favorite is this search directory.  All you have to do is put in the state you’re in and it will pull up all of the IBCLC’s in the state!  This is a great tool if there are no IBCLC’s that work in your local WIC office or hospital.


At the end of the day, an IBCLC is a vital part of a healthy and successful nursing relationship.  Even at nearly two years postpartum, if I were to have a proper latch issue because of new teeth, injury, or something like that, I would absolutely seek out the help of an IBCLC first and foremost.

Have you ever worked with an IBCLC?  What was your experience?  Share with me in the comments!


Where Have I Been? Fighting Molars, Roseola, and the Flu…

March 13, 2016

I have watched Rio way too many time in the past two weeks.  So, the only way I can think to describe the past two weeks is..”Cheese and sprinkles.”

My children are horrible terrible no good very bad teethers.  It is extremely painful for them.  They teethe extremely pain stakingly slowly, and they just don’t do well with it.  So, for more than a month now, we have been working on our bottom one year molars and a few other teeth.  It has been a nightly routine of diluted lavender, diffusing lavender, cold frozen treats, amber necklaces, teething toys, and far more often that I would like, Motrin just so they can sleep.

Add to that, two weeks ago, on a Sunday, Serenity broke out with a fever out of nowhere.  Now, this child has an immune system of steel.  She has never been sick besides one or two occasions of a stuffy nose.  River, on the other hand, gets sick much easier than Serenity.  So, I was really surprised and originally wrote it off as a teething fever.  But when it didn’t let up and was progressively higher each day, I started wondering if something else was going on.

“YES!  We have an answer to the mysterious fever!  YES!”

After 4 full days of a clingy, cluster nursing, feverish baby…my house was destroyed.  I hadn’t done dishes, swept, vacuumed, or even done much in the way of picking up toys because taking care of the feverish baby was taking up pretty much all my time.  Her fever broke overnight on that fourth day (Wednesday into Thursday) and the next morning she was covered in a classic Roseola rash.  YES!  We have an answer to the mysterious fever!  YES!  One common childhood illness checked off the list with beautiful lifelong natural immunity!

Time to tackle my house and get things back on track.  Instead, two days after Serenity was feeling better, on Sunday, my husband woke up feeling like death had slapped him in the face.  He had a massive migraine, intense congestion, ear and sinus pain and pressure, intense chills, severe body aches, and all around felt horrible.  He hobbled his way through work that week, taking one day off on Tuesday and being sent home early every other day.

Taking advantage of the healthy girls I got the house semi back on track but felt overwhelmed with Scott being down for the count.  He did his best to help out but really was pretty useless in the way of effective parenting and chores doing.

Then, on Thursday, River woke up with a fever.  Scott was feeling particularly crappy that day and came home from work and collapsed onto the giant bear.  He ended up with a severe migraine the entire day and his symptoms were at their peak.

I had reached my limit.  I was stretched too thin.  I was overwhelmed.  I needed reinforcements and I needed to get down and dirty with my preventative and home treatment measures we had been lax on all week.  I needed to tackle this so hopefully I didn’t get it too and if I did it wouldn’t be as bad as Scott got it.

So, here we are at Sunday.  Serenity and I woke up sick on Saturday.  My worst day so far was that first day.  It was bad enough I had to go upstairs and take a nap.  Alone.  I have to say that was probably the most glorious hour of my life.  Sleeping in a sprawled out position without baby heads and arms and legs and toes all over the place just isn’t part of my normal anymore.

“Her fever went as high as 104.3…we would have been in the ER on Friday if I was not nursing River.”

River’s worst day was Friday.  Her fever went as high at 104.3.  She refused all food and water.  Let me tell you right now, I was more thankful for nursing on Friday than I have ever been in my life.  To those who are considering weaning at a year, DON’T.  Not only are there a very long list of reasons why that’s not the best idea for your child but seriously, we would have been in the ER on Friday if I was not nursing River.  She couldn’t tolerate drinking or eating anything.  She nursed literally from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed that night.  With 103-104 fever, she would have been in serious trouble by mid-day.

Nursing prevented a hospital admission this week.

Now we are at Sunday.  The girls are still sporting low grade 100.5-101.6 fevers.  They are stuffy, have a gnarly, but productive, cough, and are still showing signs of ear pain.  Serenity took an awesome nap today for the first time in a week.  River struggled again with nap but she is a day behind Serenity.

We took a short walk outside to get some fresh air because it was SO beautiful out and the next three days are supposed to be crappy.  I am hoping to feel better enough tomorrow to do some cooking and cut some blankets, but we will see.

It wasn’t until today that we realized what ripped across our house was the flu.  River got a weird looking rash today but it’s definitely not a Roseola rash.  So, we are a bit stumped there.  But this is my first time ever getting the flu in my life that I know of.  It’s really not that bad.  It’s been a crappy week and there was definitely a worst day for everyone.  But this is not unmanageable or scary by any means.


March 31, 2016

Just now getting back to this blog, I feel the need to date it so show just how intense the month has been.  We were just starting to get back on our feet and we are now today smacked in the face with the stomach flu.  I can only hope the girls don’t catch this one because…..yeah.

There will be no pictures of fever nursing skin to skin babies in this blog as I originally intended.  There will be no pictures of my destroyed home or the Roseola rash progression shots.  I’ll do another blog on that one though, I promise.  This winter, while mild in temperature and snowfall totals, has been a roller coaster of sick and chaos for our family.  Holy cannoli Batman.

I am sincerely hoping that our spring proves much more functional, healthy, and productive than our winter.  I am, for the first time in over a month, at work and blogging/cutting blankets alone.

A huge thank you to my customers who have been patient with the setback, who have ridden the wave with us.

Now, off to prepare for our even next weekend.  I plan on posting a blog too about our crunchy medicine cabinet and how we kicked the fever and flu without mainstream medication. 🙂

If You Don’t Own This Sweatshirt and You Babywear, You Need To Buy It RIGHT NOW!

I am not one to buy clothes. Actually, I kind of hate buying clothes. For the girls, sure. They grow and change and need clothes. I have a particular love of buying them pajamas. Because. Well. PJ’s are awesome. Duh.


 Anyways, there’s been a ton of hype about this sweatshirt at Target that is perfect for babywearing in a back carry. I ignored. Then I looked but shrugged it off. Then I ooh’ed and ahh’ed but said not spending the money. 

Then my wonderful Serenity decided she’s terrified of the snow and can’t even stand on it but River wants to go out in it every single day. That’s a problem. My coats aren’t big enough to cover us both while babywearing and I can’t get a good seat in a huge get up. 

Now, I don’t know about you, and I never have ever claimed to be even remotely fashion savvy, but I have no idea why anyone that doesn’t babywear would see this and say, “wow this is awesome!” I most certainly wouldn’t want my back completely exposed if it’s cold enough to wear a sweatshirt but…..
This sweatshirt really is PERFECT for babywearing. Getting it on by myself was a little tricky. I had to convince Serenity to bring her head close enough to me that I could reach my hand behind her head and then slip the sweatshirt over. She wasn’t too impressed but thought it was rather awesome once it was on.


 During our walk she was comfortable and warm. Never felt sweaty or acted like she was too hot or cold. It was a balmy 40 degrees out so I thought it was just perfect. She reached her arms out and hugged me and blew kisses a bunch of times. She’s such an affectionate little human. I love it. 

River, of course, spent her time on the walk trying to go knock on every single neighbors door (which I did not let her do), jump in every puddle (which I did let her do), and stand in every sunbeam (😍)


4 Reasons NOT to Arrive Unannounced at a Stay-At-Home Mom’s House

For three hours you have been fighting a teething, growth spurting, angry at life child down for a nap.  When you finally transfer the now sleeping little and shake off the stress of the battle, gazing lovingly at their little sleeping face……THE DOORBELL RINGS.


That tiny sleeping face contorts and their body squirms and you not only have someone impatiently waiting at the door (or not because yay delivery people who ding dong ditch when leaving a package) but you also have a crying baby who is now beyond over tired and just as frustrated as you that they are awake again.

I think it’s safe to say that every stay-at-home parent has experienced this exact scenario.  Some have a dog that barks in response to the doorbell or knock.  All usually respond with a bunch of words that are typically seen in a blog like this, “$&%#”

For me, that scenario is with TWO children since I have twins.  The battle is almost always epic and I feel victorious and accomplished when I finally get them both down for a nap and somehow scoot away from their nursing sucker lips.  So, seeing as I currently at this moment have napping twins, here are some reasons NOT to arrive unannounced at someone’s home when they have kids.

  1. The above scenario is not a joke:  I cannot tell you how many times a delivery man has left a package and rung the doorbell before skipping off back to their truck.  Not only does it make often freak out the dogs, scare the crap out of me, and wake the babies, but I have NO idea it is a delivery man leaving a package and not someone who actually needs my attention.  So I end up opening the door with a crying child, boob usually out, to find no one there.  I cannot tell you how infuriating that is.  Even more infuriating is when that person wants to come in and hang out or “just drop something off” or “just wants to chat”.  Love you.  Love the thought.  You should have called first.  No.  Texted.  Because I can’t answer your phone call with a sleeping baby leech either. 🙂
  2. More than likely, I am at least partially naked:  Breastfeeding, especially in the early days, and ESPECIALLY with twins, means that my boobs are out….a lot.  Newborns often stay latched 20 out of 24 hours each day or more and that is normal and necessary and right.  Growth spurts and cluster feeding are pretty intense throughout infancy and toddlerhood.  And quite frankly, it gets old having your shirt pulled on or fighting with it for breast access all the damn time.  My solution?  There is absolutely no need for a shirt when it’s warm in the house and you’re home alone with your nursling(s).  Don’t arrive unannounced because boobs are most likely out and I don’t have an “oh s***” shirt laying out preparing for your arrival.
  3. On top of being naked, there’s a good chance I can’t physically get up:  Take this scenario right here. This is the first time we got the girls latched tandem since they image1 (3)were in the nicu with specialists to help. They were over a month old already. If I were alone and someone knocked on the door or rang the doorbell I literally would not be able to get to the door. I have a burp cloth propping up my breasts to the right height, two pillows under each side of the My BreastFriend Pillow, at least two rolled up receiving blankets to prop the girls sideways, and two pillows to keep them in place. Plus a pillow or two behind my back and one under my butt. It took so much effort to get here. If someone rang my doorbell when I got here and disturbed the nursing session I would be a very very angry Mama Bear.
  4. My home is a disaster:  I play with my kids.  I cook food for them.  I try to cook food for myself.  We make messes.  We make dishes.  They throw food on the floor.  They decorate the home with toys.  I probably haven’t vacuumed in a week because it requires two people to do so.  My life is about taking care of the kids, not cleaning.  That usually means my home looks horrible to anyone who doesn’t have young kids and as much as I have confidence in my above statements, I don’t really want unannounced guests to SEE that disaster.  It causes me all sorts of unnecessary feelings that I don’t need to give energy to.

So, next time you are thinking about just dropping in on a stay-at-home Mom, shoot her a text first.  I am sure that she will appreciate the heads up and opportunity to say “thanks but next time” if it’s been a particularly tough day.  Even more so, she may just ask you to bring a coffee on your way over. 😉


Purging the Plastic – Frugal Ways to Toss the Tupperware

What does your tupperware drawer look like?  Is it a jumbled mess of plastic?  Mine was.image1
It was impossible to keep clean.  No matter how often I pulled every piece out, neatly stacked and placed them in the drawer or cabinet, or rearranged to a different spot to attempt to make organization happen, they always ended up a jumbled mess within a week.  I’m sure it probably has to do with how you pull out a container, put the leftovers inside, and then magically that ONE container’s lid had apparently decided to grow legs and walk away from its plastic counterparts.  It happened EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Washing it all wasn’t any less stressful.  Dishes are very overwhelming to me and the mountains of plastic tupperware from leftovers needing to be washed, dried, and put back into the bane of my existence cabinet was a constant stressor.  Since plastics have been suggested to leech toxins into foods when agitated by corrosive use, I felt obligated to washing all of it by hand instead of putting it into the dishwasher.  Not to mention, tupperware is bulky and I would be running my dishwasher every single day if I put tupperware inside.  Hand washing also kept the plastic clear, new looking, and working properly.  I never had to worry about warped lids, damaged containers, cloudy plastic with an impossible to get off film, none of it.  But, I was constantly washing it.
I needed a solution.  I needed an alternative.  I needed to wash less dishes.  I work so hard to keep plastic toys to a minimum in our home but I was storing all of our food in plastic.  It didn’t make any sense to me.
image1 (1)Have you ever looked at pyrex storage bowls?  They are INCREDIBLY expensive compared to plastic.  Since I am not wealthy, that was quickly scratched off my list of options.
Unfortunately, I found very few other optons besides this.  After a couple weeks of contemplating the problem, I was cleaning up the kitchen one day and dumped out the juice from an empty pickle jar (my husband is obsessed with Klausen Pickles) and…it hit me.  I peeled the label off of the jar, stuck the jar in the dishwasher, the top in the silverware tray, and stood stunned at the goldmine I had just happened upon.
My storage containers were sitting right in front of me.  I had been buying and recycling them for years.
image1 (2)We now have more glass jars for food storage than I could probably ever need at one given time.  Our tupperware drawer went from a jumbled mess to rows of neatly arranged glass jars with lids either screwed on top of stacked neatly beside the jars to prevent them from going missing.
Our fridge is more organized than ever too!  Not only do the jars store nicely in the fridge because of the small footprint, but because they are clear it is easy to tell what is inside the jars.  If it’s not, we can just use a wet erase marker to write down the contents on the glass and the date it was put in there and it comes off easily in the dishwasher or with a sponge.
Using the glass hasn’t significantly impacted how often we need to run the dishwasher either.  It sits like a glass in the top rack or perfectly in the bottom rack if there’s no room.  We have been using some of our jars for nearly a year now and we see NO wear or stress on the jars whatsoever.
What do you use for food storage in your house?  If you use tupperware, how do you contain the chaos?  Tell me in the comments below!
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New Year’s Resolutions – Why I Don’t Do Them and What I Did Instead This Year

I’ve never been “into” New Year’s Resolutions.  More often than not, the goals are things like losing weight, stopping a bad habit, or buying a new and expensive luxury item.  My newsfeed is filled with gym selfies, “join my MLM team” posts, and food…lots of food.  By February, those posts are less than half of what they were in January.  By March, New Year’s Resolutions seems to have slipped everyone’s minds entirely and it’s back to eating out, couch surfing, and life as usual.


This year, however, something new caught my attention.  I originally saw it from a mother I follow closely in one of my many facebook groups.  She chose one word to represent her entire goal for 2016 and expanded from there.  I found it inspiring.  Many of her items on her list were one’s of self love, self care, and patience.  None of them were stereotypical of a New Year’s Resolution.  Her list was beautiful, empowering, and moved me.  So, I decided to make my own.  After some quiet thought with myself, here is what I came up with.



My word for this year will be:  RESTORE



I will RESTORE my body:


-I want to find a physical activity that I enjoy.  This activity will not be with a goal to “lose weight” or “get in shape”.  This will be an activity to feed my soul.  An activity that I do alone.  One that I do as an expression of love and nourishment for my current body.


-I want to see a chiropractor regularly.  I still have lasting effects from my extremely difficult pregnancy and birth.  Lasting pain, both physical and otherwise.  My pelvis still painfully pops from the SPD.  My incision still hurts regularly.  My neck and shoulders ache from breastfeeding in less than ideal positions with twin toddlers.  My body carried, built, and kept two human beings alive for 36 weeks and has been nourishing them for nearly 18 months after that.  It deserves care and attention.


-I want to actually find a routine that feeds my body appropriately.  I am currently eating nearly or more than 3,000 calories a day and I am barely barely hanging onto 105-110 pounds.  In two years I have gone from a healthy 120 pounds, up to 185 pounds when I was 36 weeks, and down to 105 pounds.  I do not feel healthy, strong, or confident in this weight.  It is obvious to me that my body is not taking in enough to ideally nourish all parts of myself.  I have been looking into protein powders, additions to food to increase protein and fat, changing my type of food intake throughout the day, making sure I am taking in enough water, etc.



I will RESTORE my mind:


-I want to start seeing a therapist for postpartum PTSD, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum depression.  I have not discussed this in my blog yet and am not ready to go into detail yet.  At some point in 2016, I am sure I will, though.  My 2015 was clouded and muddied and suffocated by these three ailments.  I did not have the privilige of seeking counseling in 2015 and am determined to do so in 2016.


-I am too attached to my phone.  Between blogging, facebook, admining groups, my Etsy shop, couponing, apps for couponing, and keeping in touch with other moms through texts and Facebook message, my phone is out entirely too much.  This will probably be the most difficult task of 2016, but I already have some plans in place for this.  My husband and I have figured out designated work times for me to blog, make blankets, manage my Etsy shop, and other work related tasks.  I will be doing this without the presence of the girls so that I can focus entirely on being productive and have no distractions.  This will allow me to overall spend more valuable time with the girls and my husband because I am not distracted by the things I need to do for work.


-I want to find out who I am.  My entire life these past two years has been about the girls.  Work was my whole life before them.  I worked over 100 hours a week and loved every single solitary second of what I did.  When I was strictly forbidden from work as soon as they found out I was having twins at 9 weeks and 5 days, I felt like life itself was taken from me.  My work gave me drive and energy and confidence and motivation.  It made me feel valuable, like I had an impact on people…like I was making a difference.  Christmas was eye opening for me because I had no idea what to ask for.  The only thing’s I could think of were space.  I wanted space to go get coffee with friends.  I wanted space to build my Etsy shop and to blog uninterrupted.  I wanted space to read alone.  I wanted space to shower more regularly without feeling rushed.  I wanted space to go for a walk and be in quiet beauty of nature.  But that is not who I am.  That is survival, not living.  I could not think of one single INTEREST I had that had nothing to do with the girls, the house, or survival.  Not one.  So, this year, I want to find that.



I will RESTORE my safety:


-My husband and I have a goal to move in this year of 2016.  We have been in a transition stage since we relocated from California back to New England and I do not feel safe where I am living now.  Relocating to California in 2009 was for my safety and returning has brought up a lot of feelings that I had long since put away.  Our goal is to move into a single family home.  We wish to have a fenced in yard with direct access from the house, enough space for our large crew, and that space to feel big so that we can feel comfortable growing our family further.  Ideally, I will have enough space to eventually add chickens to our little zoo, as well as set up large decked out kennels for our dogs…particularly our outside loving and rather large Husky/Malamute mix.  Relocating to a safe place will allow me to breathe again…to take walks with my kids…to be able to run to the local corner store without legitimate intense fear…to live as I did in California.


-An easy task in this adventure is to get a PO Box.  This won’t happen until after we relocate so that I don’t have to pay for one twice.  But having a PO Box will enable me to keep my address private, thus increasing the safety I feel in our new location.


-I want to write a will with my husband.  In the worst case scenario of our demise, I want to make sure that the girls are taken care of the way we wish for them to be cared for.  I want to make sure that the people in their lives as a result of our demise are the people that we want involved in their lives….and the people we don’t want are kept far away.



I will RESTORE my relationships:


-My husband and I have a goal to spend quality time together each night after the girls go to sleep.  We have been working really, really hard the past 4 months or so to get a better nap and bedtime routine down.  For their whole lives, I had to go to bed when they did because transferring them to the bed and leaving the room was downright impossible.  This meant that my husband and have literally had no time alone together since before the girls were born.  That is not easy.  Now that the girls are sleeping without me there for 2-3 hours after nursing them to sleep, my husband and I have been able to revisit our time together.  We watch shows together on Netflix, eat dinner, clean up together, or just sit and talk.  It has been really really nice and I am hoping the 18 month sleep regression doesn’t ruin that.  Fingers crossed!


only goal as a mother
-I want to practice conscious mothering.  My only goal as a Mom is to raise children that don’t have to recover from their childhood.  I am having to recover from my childhood.  Breaking that cycle is the hardest thing I have ever done.  Not because I want to hurt my kids…I would never hurt my kids.  Never.  It’s the undertones, the ingrained beliefs, the brainwashing that resurfaces and rears its ugly head in the oddest of ways.  THAT is what is hard.  It’s being patient when you want to run away.  It’s being compassionate when you feel frustrated.  It’s being loving when you feel angry.  It’s being understanding and aware of developmentally appropriate behavior when you know you were injured, degraded, and abused for those very same behaviors.  It’s seeing how much you love your children with your whole being and really truly knowing the depth of your loss in a whole new light.  This is why I want to constantly strive to be a more conscious, patient, gentle, attachment parent.  The cycle ends with me.


-I will be letting go of friendships in my life that do not benefit me.  If a friendship does not make me happy, does not fuel me, does not offer give and take of support, love, caring, nurturing, and abundance, then it is not worth having.  Furthermore, I want to take that energy I have been spreading far too thin on far too many acquaintances and consolidate it into being a better and more fruitful friend for those who DO make my life more full through their participation.



I will RESTORE my drive:


-I am so happy to have a purpose outside of changing diapers, doing laundry, and nursing babies again.  This type of work feeds my soul.  It’s how I breathe.  It’s how I flourish.  I am very excited that I will be announcing some awesome changes with Double Crunch very soon!  My goal in 2016 is to sell 50 beautiful, custom hand made blankets.  Fifty people who will wrap up in the hours of my handiwork.  Five hundred toes kept warm by my diligence.  That’s a nice warm goal. 🙂


-I want to blog at least once a week.  I am SO enjoying blogging!  Now that I have a work scheduled figured out with my husband, I look forward to much more time letting my fingers fly across the keyboard.  I hope you will follow my ramblings. 🙂


-And finally, I want to re-launch The Survivors’ Ink Project.  I have some big plans and my husband and I are working hard to get them ironed out so we can re-launch the project entirely.



With all of these goals and aspirations, 2016 is looking to be a wonderful and filled year.  I absolutely cannot wait to get started.


What are your goals for 2016?  Share with me in the comments below!