Easy Cheap Rainy Day Toddler Craft

There’s basically a hurricane outside my window today. No, seriously. A late season Nor’Easter is bombing out over my house. We should get over 3 INCHES of rain today and the winds are 75+mph for gusts.

It’s nasty out.

So, despite extreme disapproval of my kids, we will not be going outside today. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t use today’s soaking to our advantage.

Unschooling is a term used to describe child led learning. It means that not only do children learn through play and investigation, but they have interests just like we do and learn best when learning through those interests.

Today, the girls asked for two things. They wanted to play with water because the puddles are just calling their names and they wanted to paint.

I decided to put the two together. We took some dollar store paint brushes, a piece of construction paper, and a cup of water. The kids were then invited to investigate it. I was relieved glitter wasn’t requested today. 😅

Not only did the twins paint for over an hour but the baby got in on the fun too. She loved dipping the paint brush (she’s all about investigating how things fit together and inside one another right now), painting on the paper, painting on her body, and sticking her hand into the water. By laying down a blanket first, any water spills were contained to the blanket for easy clean up. They could play around with how much water darkened the paper and to what color… They practiced making shapes and letters… They practiced drawing people… Observed how the color went back to the original when it dried… Observed that the paper ripped if they put too much water… The list goes on!

When they were done, they cleaned up on their own by putting the papers up to dry, the cups into the sink, and the blanket laid out to dry.

Now, they are writing while I blog and the baby naps. Happy Friday everyone!


What easy and cheap investigation and/or art projects do you do with your kids? What art supplies do you dread (like glitter)? How are you handling today’s storm? Tell me in the comments!


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