Where Have I Been? Fighting Molars, Roseola, and the Flu…

March 13, 2016

I have watched Rio way too many time in the past two weeks.  So, the only way I can think to describe the past two weeks is..”Cheese and sprinkles.”

My children are horrible terrible no good very bad teethers.  It is extremely painful for them.  They teethe extremely pain stakingly slowly, and they just don’t do well with it.  So, for more than a month now, we have been working on our bottom one year molars and a few other teeth.  It has been a nightly routine of diluted lavender, diffusing lavender, cold frozen treats, amber necklaces, teething toys, and far more often that I would like, Motrin just so they can sleep.

Add to that, two weeks ago, on a Sunday, Serenity broke out with a fever out of nowhere.  Now, this child has an immune system of steel.  She has never been sick besides one or two occasions of a stuffy nose.  River, on the other hand, gets sick much easier than Serenity.  So, I was really surprised and originally wrote it off as a teething fever.  But when it didn’t let up and was progressively higher each day, I started wondering if something else was going on.

“YES!  We have an answer to the mysterious fever!  YES!”

After 4 full days of a clingy, cluster nursing, feverish baby…my house was destroyed.  I hadn’t done dishes, swept, vacuumed, or even done much in the way of picking up toys because taking care of the feverish baby was taking up pretty much all my time.  Her fever broke overnight on that fourth day (Wednesday into Thursday) and the next morning she was covered in a classic Roseola rash.  YES!  We have an answer to the mysterious fever!  YES!  One common childhood illness checked off the list with beautiful lifelong natural immunity!

Time to tackle my house and get things back on track.  Instead, two days after Serenity was feeling better, on Sunday, my husband woke up feeling like death had slapped him in the face.  He had a massive migraine, intense congestion, ear and sinus pain and pressure, intense chills, severe body aches, and all around felt horrible.  He hobbled his way through work that week, taking one day off on Tuesday and being sent home early every other day.

Taking advantage of the healthy girls I got the house semi back on track but felt overwhelmed with Scott being down for the count.  He did his best to help out but really was pretty useless in the way of effective parenting and chores doing.

Then, on Thursday, River woke up with a fever.  Scott was feeling particularly crappy that day and came home from work and collapsed onto the giant bear.  He ended up with a severe migraine the entire day and his symptoms were at their peak.

I had reached my limit.  I was stretched too thin.  I was overwhelmed.  I needed reinforcements and I needed to get down and dirty with my preventative and home treatment measures we had been lax on all week.  I needed to tackle this so hopefully I didn’t get it too and if I did it wouldn’t be as bad as Scott got it.

So, here we are at Sunday.  Serenity and I woke up sick on Saturday.  My worst day so far was that first day.  It was bad enough I had to go upstairs and take a nap.  Alone.  I have to say that was probably the most glorious hour of my life.  Sleeping in a sprawled out position without baby heads and arms and legs and toes all over the place just isn’t part of my normal anymore.

“Her fever went as high as 104.3…we would have been in the ER on Friday if I was not nursing River.”

River’s worst day was Friday.  Her fever went as high at 104.3.  She refused all food and water.  Let me tell you right now, I was more thankful for nursing on Friday than I have ever been in my life.  To those who are considering weaning at a year, DON’T.  Not only are there a very long list of reasons why that’s not the best idea for your child but seriously, we would have been in the ER on Friday if I was not nursing River.  She couldn’t tolerate drinking or eating anything.  She nursed literally from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed that night.  With 103-104 fever, she would have been in serious trouble by mid-day.

Nursing prevented a hospital admission this week.

Now we are at Sunday.  The girls are still sporting low grade 100.5-101.6 fevers.  They are stuffy, have a gnarly, but productive, cough, and are still showing signs of ear pain.  Serenity took an awesome nap today for the first time in a week.  River struggled again with nap but she is a day behind Serenity.

We took a short walk outside to get some fresh air because it was SO beautiful out and the next three days are supposed to be crappy.  I am hoping to feel better enough tomorrow to do some cooking and cut some blankets, but we will see.

It wasn’t until today that we realized what ripped across our house was the flu.  River got a weird looking rash today but it’s definitely not a Roseola rash.  So, we are a bit stumped there.  But this is my first time ever getting the flu in my life that I know of.  It’s really not that bad.  It’s been a crappy week and there was definitely a worst day for everyone.  But this is not unmanageable or scary by any means.


March 31, 2016

Just now getting back to this blog, I feel the need to date it so show just how intense the month has been.  We were just starting to get back on our feet and we are now today smacked in the face with the stomach flu.  I can only hope the girls don’t catch this one because…..yeah.

There will be no pictures of fever nursing skin to skin babies in this blog as I originally intended.  There will be no pictures of my destroyed home or the Roseola rash progression shots.  I’ll do another blog on that one though, I promise.  This winter, while mild in temperature and snowfall totals, has been a roller coaster of sick and chaos for our family.  Holy cannoli Batman.

I am sincerely hoping that our spring proves much more functional, healthy, and productive than our winter.  I am, for the first time in over a month, at work and blogging/cutting blankets alone.

A huge thank you to my customers who have been patient with the setback, who have ridden the wave with us.

Now, off to prepare for our even next weekend.  I plan on posting a blog too about our crunchy medicine cabinet and how we kicked the fever and flu without mainstream medication. 🙂


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