Custom Made Blankets

Double Crunch was first born selling custom made blankets.  Utilizing the hundreds of fleece prints available, I make each order by hand with extreme care.

I currently offer four size options and three finish options.

 Baby (29×36)

 Child (54×58)

 Adult (58×72)

 Extra Large (58×90)

**These dimensions are before the blanket is cut and tied.**

The three finish options are braided (baby and adult blanket pictures), fishtail (extra large blanket picture), and knotted (child blanket picture). Braided blankets have roughly 4-5″ taken off the dimensions for final size. Fishtail takes approximately 7-8″ off. Knotted takes approximately 9-10″ off.

If you do not see a pattern you like in our Etsy Shop, request a custom order through Etsy to let me know what you need.  I will make every effort to find the perfect fabric to bring your blanket idea to life.

You can shop the available blankets or submit a custom order by visiting our Etsy Shop.