Purging the Plastic – Frugal Ways to Toss the Tupperware

What does your tupperware drawer look like?  Is it a jumbled mess of plastic?  Mine was.image1
It was impossible to keep clean.  No matter how often I pulled every piece out, neatly stacked and placed them in the drawer or cabinet, or rearranged to a different spot to attempt to make organization happen, they always ended up a jumbled mess within a week.  I’m sure it probably has to do with how you pull out a container, put the leftovers inside, and then magically that ONE container’s lid had apparently decided to grow legs and walk away from its plastic counterparts.  It happened EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Washing it all wasn’t any less stressful.  Dishes are very overwhelming to me and the mountains of plastic tupperware from leftovers needing to be washed, dried, and put back into the bane of my existence cabinet was a constant stressor.  Since plastics have been suggested to leech toxins into foods when agitated by corrosive use, I felt obligated to washing all of it by hand instead of putting it into the dishwasher.  Not to mention, tupperware is bulky and I would be running my dishwasher every single day if I put tupperware inside.  Hand washing also kept the plastic clear, new looking, and working properly.  I never had to worry about warped lids, damaged containers, cloudy plastic with an impossible to get off film, none of it.  But, I was constantly washing it.
I needed a solution.  I needed an alternative.  I needed to wash less dishes.  I work so hard to keep plastic toys to a minimum in our home but I was storing all of our food in plastic.  It didn’t make any sense to me.
image1 (1)Have you ever looked at pyrex storage bowls?  They are INCREDIBLY expensive compared to plastic.  Since I am not wealthy, that was quickly scratched off my list of options.
Unfortunately, I found very few other optons besides this.  After a couple weeks of contemplating the problem, I was cleaning up the kitchen one day and dumped out the juice from an empty pickle jar (my husband is obsessed with Klausen Pickles) and…it hit me.  I peeled the label off of the jar, stuck the jar in the dishwasher, the top in the silverware tray, and stood stunned at the goldmine I had just happened upon.
My storage containers were sitting right in front of me.  I had been buying and recycling them for years.
image1 (2)We now have more glass jars for food storage than I could probably ever need at one given time.  Our tupperware drawer went from a jumbled mess to rows of neatly arranged glass jars with lids either screwed on top of stacked neatly beside the jars to prevent them from going missing.
Our fridge is more organized than ever too!  Not only do the jars store nicely in the fridge because of the small footprint, but because they are clear it is easy to tell what is inside the jars.  If it’s not, we can just use a wet erase marker to write down the contents on the glass and the date it was put in there and it comes off easily in the dishwasher or with a sponge.
Using the glass hasn’t significantly impacted how often we need to run the dishwasher either.  It sits like a glass in the top rack or perfectly in the bottom rack if there’s no room.  We have been using some of our jars for nearly a year now and we see NO wear or stress on the jars whatsoever.
What do you use for food storage in your house?  If you use tupperware, how do you contain the chaos?  Tell me in the comments below!
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