Winter Storm Jonas and Juno: Blizzards 2015 vs 2016


Well, the girls have survived their second Blizzard of their lives.  Last year, right around the same time as this year, they survived Winter Storm Juno where we got over two feet of snowfall and blizzard conditions.  It had only been a couple months since we had moved from California and I was really overwhelmed with the possibility of being snowed in.

Taking the girls outside in Winter Storm Juno last year was hysterical.  We got them into a million layers of clothes and this huge puffy bear suits.  They looked like a picture out of A Christmas Story with their arms and legs sticking out awkwardly from all the clothing.

They only lasted maybe 5 minutes.  Enough to get some candid pictures before one of them toppled over face first into the snow.  A year ago they weren’t even sitting unassisted yet.  How mind boggling.

12549103_10100439801676239_7912145019406630296_nThis year, we had a much more enjoyable time in the snow.  Well, River did.

She was eager to get down and walk around.  She giggled and kicked snow and wandered around.  She toppled a couple times because of the bulk of a snow suit that’s a little too big for her still but was completely content.

She LOVED it and was upset when we decided to go inside because of the intense wind making her little nose all red.

12523073_10100439801666259_1864809054618655388_nSerenity was not so impressed.  She hated the wind and had a really hard time with the snow hitting her in the face.  She was really intimidated by stepping on the snow and only wanted to walk in the places that had already been shoveled.  Yet, each time I brought her inside, she kept signing “more” and got upset, wanting to go back outside.

While the totals this storm have nothing on the totals from Juno last year (we only got about 7.5 inches this time), it is snowball snow and we will definitely be venturing outside at least once today.

As always, our two female dogs absolutely hated the snow.  We had to put on their coats and coax them to stay outside long enough to use the bathroom.  Charity then spent the new few hours under multiple blankets snuggled up to Scott because she was cold.  Our old lady.

Gandalf running in snow during Blizzard Jonas 2016
Gandalf diving in snow banks during Blizzard Juno 2015

Gandalf though, was in love with the snow all over again.  Last year, he literally ran and dove head first at full speed into the snow drifts.  He LOVED the snow.

This year was no different, except there weren’t 6′ snow drifts to dive into.  So, he ran around chasing snowballs Scott threw for him instead.

The crazy pup of ours wanted to be outside more often than not through the whole blizzard and I have no doubt will want to be outside most of today as well.

As for me, I want to build a snowman.  Specifically, an Olaf. 🙂


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