How I Went From Animal Behaviorist to Blanket Maker

Having twins wasn’t in the “cards”. It wasn’t part of the “plan”. Actually, it wasn’t even something we ever considered a possibility when deciding to start a family! So, when my husband and I went in for an ultrasound to see how far along I was, the words, “I think I see two babies” produced an incredibly complex and intense range of emotions.

Fast forward nearly 2 years later and I am the very proud and very tired Mom of 16-month old identical twin girls. Being a Mom of multiples and growing from a family of 2 to 4 brought a lot of changes to our home, including me being taken out of work completely very early into my pregnancy. I had been working as an animal behaviorist for over a decade and was used to working 80+ hours a week.

“The entire process left me feeling broken and isolated.”

Parenthood was a pretty intense transition for us. A very traumatic birth where we nearly lost both of our daughters, a rough recovery, NICU stay, medical problems, my husband was laid off when the girls were 6 weeks, and we moved across country when they were 10 name a few. The entire process left me feeling broken and isolated.  It took the better part of their first year for us to get our feet under us and for me to feel even remotely confident in being a parent.  It took that long just to feel human.

Now, a new leaf has turned and after some major overhauls and lots of soul searching, I realized that a big part of what I needed was to work again. Considering the girls are still breastfeeding and will not take bottles or even pumped milk in a sippy cup, having a job out of the home was out of the question. So, Double Crunch was born.

At first, I intended for this to just be a blog.  I needed a place to stretch my fingers.  I needed somewhere to put my daily rambling head thoughts besides throwing it at the wall or bombarding my husband with them from the time he got home until the time he fell asleep each night.  I was a writing major in college and not writing is like not breathing for me.

“I needed to do more than just write.  I needed to DO.”

However, I quickly realized that I needed to do more than just write.  I needed to DO.  So, when I made a diaper babies gift set for a friend’s baby shower and dozens of people ranted about how I should make and sell them, I started researching.  Then, the Etsy shop was born!

Facebook cover with snow

Creating custom made blankets and baby shower gifts makes my heart soar. Each time I see the look on someone’s face or hear their feedback on the blanket I made with my own hands, I feel a sense of accomplishment and completeness that I hadn’t felt since leaving my career when I was pregnant.

So, I went from an animal behaviorist, to an overwhelmed twin Mom, to a confident twin Mom who helps keep toes warm of people all over! I absolutely love what I do and I hope that you enjoy the warm toes as much as I enjoy creating the blanket to keep them warm!


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